Saturday, August 7, 2010

First bite!

    On Saturday the 24th of July i went to the farm for the first time to harvest veggies. The plan was to get some squash blossoms for Mark at Cowbell. During my morning walk through the fields I noticed to my huge excitement a ripe tomato. It was a beautiful, bright orange Kellogg's Beefsteak. It hard to describe what it was like to stand in the middle of the field after months of hard work and eat this amazing tomato. The texture was firm and the taste was a perfect blend of sweet and acid with a remarkable complexity. As the rounds continued i discovered several more ripe fruits. Not too many yet but its a sure sign that full scale harvest is only days away now. I also was able to harvest cukes, zucchinis and squash blossoms. It is both exciting and stressful. I have the feeling that i am about to get very, very busy.


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