Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Empty Nesters

Grant took up loads of plants all last week, (thanks for the truck Tico), leaving early in the morning, planting til early afternoon and returning to work at COWBELL in the evenings.  We FINALLY finished transporting ALL 1200'ish? plants out to the farm this past weekend. (Thanks Emily for the VW space and the hard work in the scorching sun.)  Grant has been hard at work out there for days, surviving some very hot weather, a tent full of ants then a tent that leaks in a thunderstorm and a dog in a tent petrified of storms. But all will be in the ground by tomorrow morning. Apparently the rain last night made the plants very happy and they're looking the best they've looked so far. So it's up to them now.  The house feels so empty without them... -lainie

Ella rides with the tomatoes
One of the first plants in it's new home

The first row

Em trying out the new water pump

Grant planting

...and last but not least, Howie dropped off a port-a-potty. YAY!