Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain, rain, rain...

Well, its been days of rain in the Niagara. I got some seed planted on Monday and Tuesday, but i cant plant any of the finer stuff like lettuces herbs etc. Ground is too wet and heavy to even rake it by hand. Its calling for more rain this weekend. i really hope not, things as so wet now that i need 4 or 5 days of good sunshine and a wind to dry them out. i am a little concerned about root rot if it keeps raining. The bottom leaves on some of my plants are yellow. going to have to prune off anything touching the ground, as this will help avoid soil born disease. As you can imagine it will take a while to prune 1200 plants. hopefully the weather will change in my favour and i can a get a few solid days work in later this week.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seedlings no more!

A little while since the last update. I have been so busy planting that i haven't had much time for the blog. All the seedlings are finally in the ground as of Wednesday morning. It was a long week but when i stood back for one last look before heading back to the city, I felt a great sense of satisfaction. We were up at the farm this morning. Its very waterlogged after several days of heavy rain. The plants are showing some vigorous growth already. Nice big stems and some new leaves starting. Very relieved to have my main crop in the ground. Thank so much Fiona, Emily, and Lainie for all your help.
    In the morning I will be heading back up for a round of planting. This time its seeds. Lots of veggies, melons, squashes and some leafy green bits. Should be some nice weather hopefully, so I hope to get a lot done. 
I'll get some more pics for you all soon.